About me About

I am passionate about Sustainable Development and Music. Facilitator and builder on various projects on the industry. Mental health and Gender Equality advocate. Good communicator and planner with strong logical judgment, with experience at different international events and programs.

My skills Skills

  • PHP (Drupal, Symfony, Yii)
  • JS (Node.js, React.js, Express.js, jQuery)
  • DB (MySQL, Firebase, Neo4j, SQL Server)
  • Testing (Behat, PHPUnit)
  • UI/UX (Figma, InkScape, CSS, Twig)
  • Android (Java Native, Flutter)
  • Python (Django, ACM/ICPC)
  • Story-telling
  • Drawing
  • Others (C++, C#, Git, Scrum, Jekyll)

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