The Bolivian Dictator

The Bolivian Dictator


John Choque

October 25, 2019

Picture by EPA-efe/Martin Alipaz.

Bolivia is on crisis. The last few days have been nothing but sad. This post is for the people who wonder what’s happening in my country.

Presidential elections showed us the last piece of dignity that the current government can have. We witnessed the most obvious attempt of electoral fraud.

lt started 13 years ago when Evo Morales won the elections. After the chaos that Bolivia lived when Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada escaped from the country due to the many crimes, he committed against Bolivian people.

Morales, during his first term, helped the society to fight against racism and discrimination. It was something we needed and brought many benefits.

But during his second term, we saw that there was something else that was going on.

He started to change his wording to use a more xenophobic approach. Blaming the US for all the problems we had before. Saying that people who were not native were not patriots. Praising other dictators like Hugo Chávez as big heroes.

It was then when people started to have various opinions. And it was then when we started to separate even more.

People who lived in the countryside were happy to receive a bit more attention from the government. Getting small works done in their towns. But without realizing that they were not getting any kind of beneficial works. The government avoided to build hospitals, schools and focused only on building more soccer fields.

By the third term (I know, a person shouldn’t stay in power for so long) Morales was even giving misogynistic speeches. Telling women to “take care” of themselves when he was around and so on.

It was in his third term when many more proof of him being a thief came to be seen by the people. There were pictures of him with drug manufacturers (cocaine), pictures of him with an unrecognized child that he then denied his existence, money lost from funding for indigenous people, robbery to the government bank by people in connection to the government and an endless list of many more crimes.

Someone fed by hate was in power, a person who doesn’t even speak any native language, even though he states that he is a native American. Someone who built a much expensive museum to feed his ego.

A person who had gotten sick of power.

And now, during the elections that happened this last October 20th, there has been proof found of electoral fraud. Numbers that didn’t make any sense and the counting system not working. People hiding election minutes in private houses. All made by people supporting the current government.

That’s why now, the Bolivian people have decided to fight back. To prevent this dictator to take over the country once again. With their supporters going around with dynamite and Molotov bombs. But the people will not give up, we will protect democracy at all costs. Going to the streets to protest. Willing to give our lives to rescue our country.

Yesterday, a company of devs showed all proof for this fraud. Since then, the government disabled the downloading of the data from its official website. The fraud is obvious.

Morales will not succeed. The people will fight until the end. Bolivia will be a better place tomorrow.

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