Dear Bolivia

Dear Bolivia


John Choque

August 22, 2019


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Dear Bolivia you are on fire. I am afraid of losing you and have no words to describe my anger.

It was never your fault, you always were so good with everyone. Maybe too good. Maybe that was the reason that you were broken so many times in the past. You tried your best at being positive, back in the day after we were left all hopeless. And we hoped that today things were going to be different and they are not.

Your politicians were never the best but we never thought they could get worse. People in power full of greed and hatred have made you become weak. A misoginistic, racist and bad person you have the bad luck to call your president wasn’t able to understand all the help we need. And took around a month to declare a national emergency while he was working on his political campaign.

Your lungs, the ones you share with your sister Brazil and both give everyone to breath, are now in danger. That 20% of the world’s oxygen is in danger.

We should have been more careful. We saw how this greedy president allowed more people to start more fires for allowing more livestock. And that was one of the reasons why this fire started. I feel even more in shock as he said that fires were a “natural phenomenon,” despite knowing that it was caused by farmers clearing out the ground.

And now, your people are fighting back. Countless hours of work for saving your animals. I wish I could do more but I have no more than just my words right now.

I hope the best for you and I am sure that one day, these useless politicians will be gone and our world will be a better place. I will do my best for you.



For international donations, please go here

For spreading awareness use #SOSBolivia

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